Thank you for all for attending the 6th Annual Flathead Valley Cricket Tournament, Sponsored by the Glacier Park VFW and Cattleman’s Bar and Grill and Presented by Ton80 Dart Company!!

This year’s participation blew us out of the water and set the bar pretty high for next year! The fact that you traveled from as far as Seattle, Yakima, Billings, Lewiston, Idaho Falls,  Post falls, Spokane, Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Missoula, and all points in between is  a testament not only to your love of this sport but is a testament to the love of our dart family and the strength of friendships we have formed. Every tournament adds a few more to the crowd and we couldn’t do that without the support from each and every one of you! It is my  pleasure to serve you all weekend and I am always looking forward to seeing you again!

We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our sponsors, The VFW and Cattleman’s in Kalispell for the added money and for taking care of us all weekend!! They always do a bang up job and we couldn’t do it without them!!!

Thank you all for coming and supporting us! We couldn’t do it without you!!

Ivy, Lefty, and Shane

Ton80 Darts


A 1st Place -Tickled Tripless - Brad Leeper, Lee Bengtson, Kevin Luke, Steve West

A 2nd Place- Risk It for The Biscuit- Derek Kilbourne, Brad Servatius, Spencer Servatius, Alex Haley

A 3rd Place – KBB- Mike Disney, John DeVera Jr., Sean Mickens, Bobby Trukositz

B 1st Place – Irish Slingers –Kory Roberts, Johnny Lopez, John Zadworney, Andy Johnson

B 2nd Place- Huddle Crew-  Chad Curry, Lisa Curry, Tyler Bezdicek, Grace Boyer

B 3rd Place-  Blackberry Brandy Sun- Tom Brambrink, Steve Johnson, Ron Krohn, Sherry Stevens

C 1st Place – 4 Bitts Tom Bauer, Larry Clayon, Josh Brown, Nick Butler

C 2nd Place- Projectile Dysfunction – Paul Bolen, Heath Denson, James Mcintosh, Michelle Lentz

C 3rd Place – Throwing Smoke- Craig Troup, Briana Moore, Michelle White, Dan White

D 1st Place – Rich Vetter, Matt Parasi, Danelle Denson, Ramona Kolodziej

D 2nd Place- Sharp Shooters- Denise Haycook, Kristal Sharp, Brent Sharp, Phoebe Kessler

D 3rd Place – Flight Risk- Bob Bauer, Martha Johnson, Randy Giese, Lori Giese



4th  Annual Flathead Cricket Tourney

Sept 19-21 Kalispell, MT

 Friday Night Blind Draw

1st  Ben Johnson/Brian Fitzpatrick

2nd Tom Bauer/ Derek Kilborne

3rd Leo Kessler/ Don Parsons

Friday Night Masters

1st  Rob Evans

2nd Larry Reynolds

3rd John DeVera Jr. 

Top Shooter for Saturday

Marcus Sepulveda 4.47


A 1st  Piss Poor – John Garno, Mike Disney, Marcus Sepulveda, John DeVera Jr.

A 2nd Pinch Hitters- Rob Evans, Brock Sterns, John Huskinson, Dan Holm

A 3rd 3 Men and a Baby – Brad Leeper, Larry Renyolds, Jacob Girtz, Jody Watts


B 1st  GeriHattricks- Ray Payne, Deana Payne, Kim Willmore, Curtiss Willmore

B 2nd Balls In- LeaAnne Servantius, Spencer Servantius, Kevin Carrigan, Derek Kilborne

B 3rd  Gunslingers- Mark Kraus, Kevin Morris Jr., Ed Wilcox, John Zadworney


C 1st  2 Holes 2 Poles- Jim Roberts, Jessica Price, Bridgette Pryolr, Dan White

C 2nd  High on Darts – Drew Bracken, Heath Denson, Ramona Kolodziej, Martin Hentges

C 3rd  High Wire- Mark Disney, Danielle DeVera, Eli Payne, Jackie Faunce


Thank you everyone for coming to the 16th Annual Pete Updike Memorial! I think it is safe to say a good time was had by all!!
A 1st Armed & Hammered: Corey Berry, Rob Evans, John Huskinson, Chris Purkett
A 2nd Piss Poor: John Garno, Marcus Sepulveda, Mike Disney, Tyler Anderson
A 3rd Regulators: Moose Richards, Billy Crosland, Steve West, Eric Woodland
B 1st Gunslingers: Mark Kraus, Johnny Lopez, John Zadworney, Ed Wilcox, Josh Hannifin
B 2nd Jesters Darterz: Amanda Azure, Jason  Nelson, Mik Schafer, Steve Hofland
B 3rd We Got This: Tim Baxter, Mike Hickey, Ted Azure, Justin Bennett
C 1st That a Hop: Dan Gonzalez, Chris Dahl, Mike Noyes, Roger Lemke
C 2nd 3 Holes and a Pole: Chris Griggs, Brenda Hall, Frank Kuck, Brenda Kuck
C 3rd Team Chaos: Amie Kraus, Martique Kraus, Sandi Sedaris, Mel Richards, Paula Zadworney
Thank you to Trudi and Dennis at the Fishtale and Penny at the Mint for providing top notch service and great locations to spend our weekend in. Thank you to the town of Townsend for welcoming us in, and thanks to all the sponsors that contibuted money to create a great payout. Shots were flowing and darts were flying from sun up to sundown! 

15th Annual March Madness Results
71 Teams, 30 dartboards=Tons of fun! New friendships were formed this weekend and old friendships solidified. Thank you all for coming and supporting Ton80! We can only do this if you want us to and it from the turnout at March Madness it looks like you want us to!
Congratulations to all the winners! We gave out over $11,000.00 in prize money!
1st Place- Kalispell Bad Boyz: John DeVera Jr., Mike Disney, Lee Bengston
2nd Place- 2 Salts and a Pepper: Brad Leeper, Tim Morrison, Kevin Santos
3rd Place- Chicken Dinner: John Husman, Todd Jordan, John Garno
1st Place- Anything Works-John Roach Nathan Baldwin, Krystal Cambell
2nd Place- Bitter Ooters: Tom Bauer, Dan Holland, Art Tucker
3rd Place- The House is Smokin: Aaron Collette, Dave Docherty, Roy Riddle
1st Place- Brock Me Amaedus: Brock Sterns, Jessica Price, Tyler Williams
2nd Place- Eastbound and Down- Jolene Harrell, Roland Pfulmann, Yelena Husman
3rd Place- Webbslingers- Scott Webb, Daun Edens, Anthony Williams
1st Place Hat Trick: George Riley, Justin Sturgess, Jessie Baker
2nd Place- Sunset 702 Club: Dave Gunsch, Mike Shafer, April Christenson
3rd Place- 50 Cal Darters-Gary Choate, Tyler Eccleston, Jason Armstong
1st Place- Drunk N Lookin to Score-Kayla Hennelly, Tona Baxter, Martique Kraus
2nd Place-BLS-Sandy Foredyce, Ben Johnson, Lorrie Behrens
3rd Place-DILLIGAF-Amie Kraus, Mel Richards, Brandy Lerum

15th Annual Pete Updike Memorial
The Montana Cup
A Division
·         1st Place Bringin’ Da Boom- Chris Green, Jason Sangray, Billy Crosland, Shawn Bergseng
·         2nd Place Piss Poor- John Garno, Mike Disney, Marcus Sepulveda, John DeVera Jr.
·         3rd Place The Regulators- Kody Baker, John Huskinson, Moose Richards, Eric Woodard
B Division
·         1st Place Ruthless- Mark Disney, Tyler Anzik, Kenny DeVries, Matt Powers, Geoff Gifford
·         2nd Place Jester’s Backup- Mike Shafer, Jason Nelson, Mike Strohman, Tyler Eccleston
·         3rd Place Blue Forest- David Stack, Chad Salois, Neil Swenson, Jason Gludt, Donny Bartsch
C Division
·         1st Place 4Bits- Tom Bauer, Connie Bauer, Rene Abbe, Larry Clayton
·         2nd Place Gunslingers- Mark Kraus, Johnny Lopez, Ernie Lopez, Dan Gardipee, Cameron
·         3rd Place Sick and Wrong- Larry Uylaki, Penny Uylaki, Travis Beiber, Sherri Hall
Blind Draws
We had 78 people entered in this year’s blind draw!
·         1st Mike Sherwood and Geoff Sutton
·         2nd  Mel Richards and Kevin Morris
·         3rd Herb Fish and Rusty Herbal
·         1st  Larry Clayton and Adam Sheehan
·         2nd  Jake Updike and Randy Bird
·         3rd  Tona Baxter and JT Quillan
Special thanks to all the sponsors who made this tournament possible
·         Townsend Spirits
·         Fishtale Tavern
·         Mint Bar
·         Bob’s Supermarket
·         Lehrkinds Coca Cola
·         Mustang Motel
·         Centenial Insurance
·         State Bank
·         Americal Federal
·         Gusto Distrubiting
·         Century Gaming
·         Sandy Mac
·         American Music
·         Legion Bar
·         Betsy’s CafĂ©
·         Broom and Brush
Thank you to all the players who travel many miles throughout the season to attend our tournaments. Without  you all this isn’t possible. We will see you all at the next tourney. Dates to be announced soon!

14th Annual March Madness
March 22-24 2013
Westside Lanes
A Division
·         1st Dirty Old Bulls-John Garno, Todd Jordan, John Husman
·         2nd The Grifters-Marcus Sepulveda, Billy Crosland, Tyler Anderson
·         3rd T-Mans Gang-Peter Clark, Jim Tederman, Dave Breezy
B Division
·         1st L-Town Boys-Zane Martin, Greg Mader, Dareld Lookabill
·         2nd The House is Smoking- Aaron Collette, Dave Docherty,
·         3rd 2 ½ Men- Nick Hiebert, Chuck Clanton Matt Buckingham
C Division
·         1st Team Ruthless- Tyler Anzik, Kenny DeVries, Matt Powers
·         2nd Battered Balls- Dawna Batt, Roy Batt, Lyle Batt
·         3rd 2Rs and A C- Roger Desonia, Rob Shanks, Cecil Tellesch
D Division
·         1st We Just Wanna Play-Steve Bingham, Tom Dufvenberg, Elaine Zannassi
·         2nd Lady Luck- Chris Griggs, Ella Meheehan, Mike Hanson
·         3rd BumSteer Bullshitters- Sam Paulson, Chad Covault, Denise Haycook
Blind Draw
·         1st Jim Robers, Todd Jordan, Matt Powers
·         2nd John Garno, Billy Crosland, John Huskinson
·         3rd Todd Barr, Mark Schlader, Jim Tederman
·         4th Kevin Morris, Pat Dempsy, Mike Beeler


3rd Annual Butte America Dart Tourney


Saturday Cricket Results
A 1st The Regulators- Kody Baker, John Huskinson, Moose Richards, Eric Woodland
A 2nd Ton80- John Garno-John DeVera Jr.- Mike Disney- Lee Bengtson
B 1st  2Cats and A Griz- Dan Blanchard, Bruce, Walker, Brent Clark, Corey Embelton
B 2nd Bulls Deep- Mike Sherwood, Joe Sherwood, Kevin Morris, John Jordan
B 3rd Club Moderne-Zane Kenny, Matt Tesson, Cody Swainton,Pete Reisenauer
C1st Dumpster Babies-Tona Baxter, Kayla Hennelly, Lisa Rooney, Jordan Welsh, Roy Riddle
C 2nd Sister Wives- Laci Crosland ,Wendi Sage, Mark Kirkman, Trina Wolfey
C 3rd Sloppy Seconds- Jimmy Dodd, Robin Johnson, Wade Johnson, Ann Blaz
Sunday 01 Results
A 1st Ton80- John Garno-John DeVera Jr.- Mike Disney- Lee Bengtson
A 2nd Mother Lovers- Robbie Hall, Tyson Snell, Tyler Anderson, Billy Crosland
B 1st  2Cats and A Griz- Dan Blanchard, Bruce, Walker, Brent Clark, Corey Embelton
B 2nd Bulls Deep- Mike Sherwood, Joe Sherwood, Kevin Morris, John Jordan
B 3rd Jesters Darterz- Jason Nelson, Steve Azure, Mike Shafer, Amanda Azure
C 1st -Sister Wives- Laci Crosland ,Wendi Sage, Mark Kirkman, Trina Wolfey
C 2nd 1st Dumpster Babies-Tona Baxter, Kayla Hennelly, Lisa Rooney, Jordan Welsh, Roy Riddle
C 3rd Just The Tip- Bill Houston,  Leighton Lindsay, Dave Gunsch,  Hans Hoelstad, Nick Gunsch


2nd Annual Flathead Cricket Tournament Results

A Division
1st Place-2 Broken Qtips- Gary Knie, Vince Perez, Nate Durham,Tim Morrison
2nd Place-Piss Poor- John Garno, Marcus Sepulveda, John DeVera JR, Mike Disney
3rd Place- Bitt-4- Tom Bauer, John Huskinson, Aaron Wilson, Larry Clayton

B Division
1st Place-Finally Found a 4th –Jeremy Phelan Schmelber, Jennifer Durham, Bret Cave, Kim Nuxoll
2nd Place-Darterz- Amanda Azure, Steve Azure, Mike Shafer, Mike Strohman
3rd Place- Bull Blasters-Herb Fish, Loren Reddick, Joe Sherwood, Mike Sherwood

C Division
1st Place-Get Some- Jamie Story, Nick Hiebert, Willy Curtis, Chuck Clanton
2nd Place-The Den-Brian Fitzpatrick, Chris Harper, Don Parsons, Gary Cheek
3rd Place-Party Palace Leftovers- Amie Kraus, Devin Shuck, Jordan Welsh, Sandy Sedaris



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